Frequently Asked Questions

What is Looking For Sponsor?

Looking For Sponsor (often abbreviated as LFS) is a website designed to connect influencers, podcasts, content creators, and similar people/organizations with companies looking for sponsorship marketing opportunities. We do this a few different ways:

  • We maintain an ever-growing list of sponsors on our site. Our creators can browse, filter, and search this list to find the sponsorships and affiliate marketing opportunities that best fit their skills and brand.
  • We give creators the tools to collect tips and share their brand. Our platform provides creators with a quick and easy way to make customizable, professional web pages with tip collection built right in. We call these web pages and you can read more about them below.
  • We provide a platform for custom sponsorship posting and payment. If you have a unique sponsorship opportunity that you want sponsors all around the world to see, post it on our website! Companies and brands search LFS to find sponsorship marketing opportunities; when they find something that interests them, they can pay you directly through our platform.

What is web pages help creators collect tips from their fans, link to their sponsorship opportunities on Looking For Sponsor, share affiliate links, and direct people to their social media profiles, websites, and online stores. Any of our users can create these free, sleek, and personalized web pages. You can learn more about on our support page.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a software platform that we use for securely processing payments, transfers, and personal information. If you have more questions related to Stripe and receiving payments on Looking For Sponsor, see our payments support page.

What is Ubiquitools LLC?

Ubiquitools LLC is the company that created Looking For Sponsor and

How do I collect tips?

First, set up your account to receive payments. Once you've done that, you can create a where you can collect tips. Direct your fans to this page by including it in your social media bio, in your video descriptions, and on your websites.

How do I find the best sponsorships?

Take a look at our sponsorship companies list to find a ton of ready-made sponsorship programs offered by companies big and small. If you're not sure which of those sponsors is the best fit, read about how to find the best sponsorships on our platform.

How do I change my profile name?

Your profile name is the name displayed in your public profile and at the bottom of all your sponsorship opportunity posts.

You must be signed in to change your profile name. Once you've signed in, select the "My Account" option in the dropdown menu at the top right hand corner of the Looking For Sponsor site. In the box titled Public Profile, click the edit button to the right of your profile name. Then simply enter your new name and click the save button.

How do refunds work?

As described in our code of conduct, we require that sponsorship creators accurately and honestly describe their opportunities. There are, of course, situations where a sponsorship creator and sponsor might decide that a contribution should be refunded. When this is the case, sponsorship creators can use our platform to refund sponsorship contributions.

Before reading further, please note that our refund policies only apply if you have made a payment through our system. If you purchase a sponsorship off-platform (e.g., via Cash App, Venmo, check, or cash) we cannot assist you in any way with refunding that purchase.

We recommend that sponsors seek refunds before the 1st of the month following their payment. After this date has passed, we cannot guarantee that a refund will be possible as funds will have been paid out to the sponsorship creator.

If a sponsor believes that the sponsorship they purchased is fraudulent or misleading, they should first ask for a refund from the sponsorship creator. As a last resort, sponsors can file a report with the Looking For Sponsor team.

If a sponsorship creator is found to post intentionally fraudulent opportunities, their account will be immediately banned, disabled, and/or deleted. The Looking For Sponsor team will determine if a post is intentionally fraudulent or accidentally misleading on a case by case basis and will take appropriate action based on their judgement.

Who do I contact with questions, comments, and complaints?

Send an email to for further support.

Posting Opportunities

How do I post an opportunity?

After signing in, go to the menu in the top right hand corner of your screen and select Post New Opportunity, then follow the instructions. You can also click the Create Post button at the top of the opportunities page.

Before you can post sponsorship opportunities, you also need to set up your account to accept payments. This makes it possible for companies to pay you directly from your Looking For Sponsor post.

How do I make sure my post gets found by potential sponsors?

There are a few ways you can get your sponsorship opportunity post seen by potential sponsors:

  • Create a and put your link in your social media bios, video descriptions, etc.
  • Share a link to your post via social media, text message, email, and other communication platforms
  • Link to your post from your website(s)
  • Get your post featured on the Looking For Sponsor website. In the future, you will be able to apply for a featured page through the Looking For Sponsor site. For now, please email if you would like to be featured.
  • Promote your post through Looking For Sponsor (coming soon)
Read our promoting guide to learn more.

How do I convince companies to sponsor my opportunity?

Once companies are viewing your opportunity, you need to convince them to become sponsors. To increase the odds of a company sponsoring your opportunity, you'll want to craft an attractive post. Learn more about creating good posts by reading our guide on how to get sponsored.

How much should I charge for my sponsorship opportunity?

Read our sponsorship pricing guide if you're trying to figure out how much you should charge companies/brands for sponsorships. This content is also included in our longer guide on how to get sponsored.

Can I post opportunities for another person or organization?

No, you cannot post opportunities for another person or organization. While we have allowed this behavior in the past, we chose to disallow it moving forward to remove opportunities for fraud and reduce confusion on the part of sponsors.

Remember that sponsorship creators cannot impersonate another person/organization and cannot accept payments on behalf of a person/organization without their express consent. See our code of conduct for further information.

Finding Opportunities

How do I find sponsorship opportunities?

Our full list of sponsorship opportunities can be found by visiting the opportunities section of the Looking For Sponsor website. You must sign in to view this page.

We have a shorter list of featured opportunities that are publicly available without signing in to our site. You can view these opportunities by visiting the featured section of our site.

How do I find sponsorship opportunities based on location, type, date, etc.?

Visit the opportunities section of our site. After signing in, this will take you to a list of all opportunities available on Looking For Sponsor.

At the top of this page, click the Search button. You can search based on location, type, date, and other factors. Select the type of tag you want to search for, choose from the options in the displayed dropdown menus, and click Add To Tags. Once you have added all the tags you want to search for, click Search. This will search for posts that have all the tags you selected.

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