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Sponsor a passionate Italian esports organization with several teams competing in multiple games. Monsters Lab eSports boasts over 19,000 followers across their streams and an average of 300-400 live spectators, presenting an excellent sponsorship marketing opportunity for companies.

Sponsorship opportunity and cost

Companies looking to sponsor Monsters Lab can expect to have their logos included on team jerseys for live events and will receive recognition via social media posts and stories. Sponsorship benefits also include advertisement opportunities on the Monsters Lab Twitch channels.

This generous sponsorship opportunity is offered by Monsters Lab for only $300 as of June 11, 2020. Take a look at their sponsorship opportunity page to learn more and become a sponsor.

Reach an audience of esports enthusiasts!

About Monsters Lab eSports

Monsters Lab eSports was founded in Monza, Italy in 2019 and is the first organization of its kind from the area. In September, Monsters Lab teams will be registering for the official Italian circuits promoted by Giochi Elettronici Competitivi (GEC) and CONI. The organization also competes through European Esports Gaming (EEG), GameBattles, UMG, and IGGalaxy.

Monsters Lab fields competitors in multiple games, including Call of Duty, Warzone, Fortnite, FIFA, Smash Bros Ultimate, Brawl Star, Valorant, and SIM Racing. When asked for comments on the state of their teams, Monsters Lab highlighted the following:

  • They support two Call of Duty, CDL teams
  • Their Warzone team is the first Italian team with over 2000 wins
  • They're building a small community on Fortnite, with a total of 30 players and a four-man competitive team
  • They're also building a small community on Brawl Stars, with 10 players that compete in daily amateur tournaments
  • Their roster includes the 9th-highest ranked Smash Bros Ultimate player in Italy, who recently placed 60th in an international tournament of 1000 players
  • Their roster includes a FIFA-focused streamer with a growing audience
  • They're aiming to grow their presence in Valorant and are currently building out their first team
  • They're looking to expand their presence in SIM Racing and partnered with an Italian TV channel to help recruit competitive drivers

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