Find Sponsorships for Podcasters

How to find sponsors for your podcast

Are you looking for a podcast sponsor?

As your podcast gains listeners, you'll probably start thinking about how to get paid for your content. Finding sponsors can help you make money from your podcast. By finding a sponsor, you're taking the first step in turning your hobby into a side-hustle.

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Considerations when finding a podcast sponsor

Here are some tips for content creators looking to approach companies interested in sponsoring podcasts:


Who listens to your podcast? Prospective sponsors want to advertise to audiences that are receptive to their products and services. So you should have a detailed understanding of who your audience is; their ages, genders, interests, incomes, and locations, are all important factors in finding sponsors for your podcast.

Ad placement

For the uninitiated, there are 3 common types of ad placements for podcasts: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Mid rolls are generally considered the most valuable by sponsors, while pre-roll and post-roll ads are considered less valuable. For podcasters, it’s important to know what ad placements you have available and what sponsors are looking for.

Types of deals

How will a sponsor pay you? Many sponsors will pay based on the number of downloads or listens a podcast gets. A sponsor would typically pay a podcaster per 1000 listens; this pay rate is known as the cost per mille or CPM. Another type of podcast sponsorship deal is called cost per action (CPA), in which a podcast host is compensated based on specific actions that their listeners take. Actions include things like clicking a link or entering a referral or discount code. Podcasts seeking sponsors should become familiar with the various sponsorship options available to them.

Get started finding sponsors for podcasts

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