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How to find sponsors for your YouTube channel

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Finding a sponsor for your YouTube channel

Here are some tips for content creators looking to approach companies interested in sponsoring YouTubers:


Who watches your YouTube videos and follows your channel? Prospective sponsors want to advertise to audiences that are receptive to their products and services. So you’ll want to have a detailed understanding of who your audience is; their ages, genders, interests, incomes, and locations, can play into finding the right sponsor for your YouTube channel.

Subscribers and followers

To find the right sponsor for your YouTube channel, you should know your current subscriber and follower counts, as well as how quickly your audience is growing. You should also know the number of followers you have on social media and their general level of engagement with you on those platforms. These metrics will be important factors considered by any prospective sponsor.

Types of sponsorships

Sponsorships for YouTubers come in many forms. An affiliate sponsorship is often considered the easiest form of sponsorship and is a starting point for smaller YouTubers. Affiliate sponsorships often require that YouTubers share affiliate codes and links (URLs). Other sponsorship types include product sponsorships, such as product reviews or tutorials, and paid sponsorships, in which sponsors forgo affiliate links and codes and pay YouTubers directly to talk about or use their products. These types of sponsorships are typically only available to more established YouTubers.

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