Find Sponsorships for Gamers

How to find sponsors for your stream and e-sports team

Are you a gamer looking for a sponsor?

As your audience grows, e-sports competitors and streamers should consider monetizing through finding sponsors. A gaming sponsorship allows you to grow your following while providing you with the revenue needed to reach even more followers and subscribers.

The good news is, streamers don’t necessarily need a large number of followers to get sponsored!

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Considerations when finding a sponsor for gamers

Here are some tips for content creators looking to approach companies interested in sponsoring gamers:


There are many gaming-focused companies looking to sponsor streamers. For example, sponsorship opportunities can often be found with companies that create gaming peripherals, such as controllers, controller skins, and gaming chairs.

Types of sponsorships

Sponsorships for gamers come in many forms. An affiliate sponsorship is often considered the easiest form of sponsorship and is a starting point for smaller streams and esports competitors. Affiliate sponsorships often require that gamers share affiliate codes and links (URLs). These coud be shared on your stream, Twitter, or other social media platforms depending on the terms of your sponsorship.

Get started finding sponsors for gamers

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