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What if Earth had two suns? What if everyone lived in glass houses? What if everyone looked like Bruce Willis? The Absurd Hypotheticals podcast answers questions like these with a balanced blend of hard science and witty banter, engaging audiences on Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, and Castbox.

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Absurd Hypotheticals is a comedy podcast published every Monday on multiple platforms, where ridiculous questions are asked and hilarious answers are given. We reached out to Chris Yee to ask him a few questions of our own:

What is Absurd Hypotheticals and how did it get started?

Absurd Hypotheticals is a podcast where Marcus Lehner, Ben Storms, and I answer silly hypothetical questions. We try to back our answers with in-depth research to come up with science-based outcomes to these outrageous scenarios.

Marcus and I met in college, and we had expressed interest in starting a podcast in the past, but we did not know what it would be about. One day, while we were just sitting around and hanging out, Marcus pitched the idea of answering weird hypothetical questions with well-researched answers. I was immediately on board with the idea.

We decided a third host would provide more balance to the podcast, allowing us to tackle the same hypothetical question from three unique angles. Marcus recruited one of his other college friends to be the third host of the show.

Do you have any upcoming content that you want people to know about?

Right now, our biggest event coming up is our 100th episode, which comes out next Monday (6/29/20). We wanted to do something special for Episode 100, so instead of answering just one question, we try to tackle 100 questions in 100 minutes in a fast-paced lightning round format (we've done lightning rounds in the past, but this is sort of a mega lightning round).

A little unrelated to the podcast, and more related to my writing, I recently participated in a sci-fi anthology book, where 15 authors (including me) wrote our own short stories within a shared universe. The book came out on Amazon last Friday, and all proceeds go to charity (after Amazon takes their cut). The money goes to a non-profit called Techbridge Girls, which focuses on educating young girls in low income communities through STEM programming, to build interest in science and engineering fields.

Is there anything else that you want sponsors to know about you and your podcast?

Our show focuses on learning new things and trying to make science interesting and fun. Any sponsors with similar goals/values would be a perfect fit for our show.

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