Jordon Sheppard

Athlete Sponsorship

Jordon Sheppard, a 22-year-old athlete playing disability darts for the World Disability Darts Association (WDDA), is offering an enticing two-year marketing opportunity for companies and brands interested in sponsoring him.

Sponsorship opportunities and cost

This athlete will attend multiple events in multiple locations across the U.K. over the next two years, giving his sponsors ample opportuntity for exposure.

He plans to attend at least four qualifying matches in 2020 alone, the first of which is in Norwich at the end of August; the other events will take him to Stafford, Middlesbrough, and Stoke later in the year. In 2021, he'll attend multiple ranking competitions and one tournament, with the ultimate goal of attending the World Cup held in Scotland that same year.

Jordon will advertise for his sponsors at these events by placing their company/brand logo(s) on his shirt. Additionally, he offers to attend events that could increase exposure for sponsors and offers the opportunity to place company banners at his events.

This sponsorship marketing opportunity is available for only $1,000 as of 7/14/20 with applications due by 8/19/20. Take a look at Jordon's sponsorship opportunity page to learn more and become a sponsor.

Reach a U.K. audience passionate about darts!

About Jordon Sheppard

Jordon is a 22-year-old athlete who suffers from a mental illness. He's currently competing for the World Disability Darts Association on the Compris Inclusive Pathway.

According to Jordon, he fell in love with playing darts after watching his father play for local pub teams (and earning a few trophies along the way).

Sponsorship money will help fund his travel across the U.K. as he earns ranking points to qualify to play for England at the World Cup in 2021.

About Disability Darts and WDDA

Disability darts is a sport for people with a range of disabilities, including those restricted to a wheelchair and those with mental disabilities.

The World Disability Darts Association (WDDA) is similar to the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC), but caters to disability darts players.

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