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MeCHo Radio is a small podcast production house that has created a variety of successful and engaging podcasts. Each of their podcasts focuses on a specific topic intended to appeal to a specific type of listener, making it easy for companies to run targeted, effective sponsorship marketing campaigns.

Sponsorship opportunities and cost

MeCHo Radio is seeking company or brand sponsorship for The Old Goal of Truth, one of the podcasts it produces. Sponsors will receive two (2) 30-60 second ad spots during an episode, as well as links in the show notes for that episode.

The creators of this podcast noted that their listeners are invested in self-improvement, so any products/services that help improve physical, mental, or intellectual health would be well-received.

MeCHo Radio is offering this sponsorship marketing opportunity for only $100 as of August 7, 2020. Take a look at their sponsorship opportunity page to learn more and become a sponsor.

Reach an audience interested in self-improvement by sponsoring "The Old Goal of Truth" podcast!

About MeCHo Radio

The MeCHo Radio podcast production house was founded in 2019 by Alex Williamns. He and his small team of creators aim to tell honest stories by producing podcasts with meaningful messages. Some of their shows include:

  • My Wax Museum: Each week, Alex Williamns sits down with a friend to capture their story and show that we should spend a little more time listening intently to those around us.
  • She Has a Name Too: Explore, with Jerrica Dennison, the world of being an individual at the same time as being a mother.
  • The Old Goal of Truth: Brothers, Alex and Bryce, take to studying philosophy as a means of self-improvement.
  • Lando and Lexi: A two-twins talking podcast where sister & brother, Lando & Lexi, talk about their favourite things.
  • The People of Home: Where the listeners as citizens and Alex Williamns as the news anchor, discuss and vote, exploring the culture, history, politics, and economics of the young, simulated nation of Home.

We reached out to ask Alex a few questions about the past, present, and future state of his organization:

How did you get started with podcasts?

In late 2017, I realized I had a listening problem. Conversations would hardly get going before I chimed in with an anecdote of my own. A selfish speaker and a useless listener, I knew I had to improve. I started My Wax Museum in an effort to practice listening. Falling in love with the medium and the worlds it opened up, I kept going. Now, MeCHo Radio boasts 5 shows with a few on the way....

Do you have any upcoming content that you want people to know about?

Mid-September 2020 will usher in a new season of My Wax Museum. We’ve done some polishing of the show and have seen a huge quality increase as we’ve worked in pre-production.

She Has a Name Too will be returning for a second season September 2020 with more discussions around motherhood. There will also be significant increases in production value.

Is there anything else that you want sponsors to know about you and your podcast?

We’d like to introduce you to some of our team members:

  • Jerrica: If you ever wanted a perfect resume, Jerrica would have it. She’s smart, hardworking, and takes charge. As a young mother, she finds solace in the moments where she can practice her talents and share her message. If you’d like to see what she’s all about, check out her Instagram.
  • Alex: Regularly weeding ideas from the long list as he keeps things organised and focused. Having started MeCHo Radio, Alex has since roped siblings, professors, and friends in to developing teaching tools and storytelling media. Learn more about Alex on his website.
  • Alandra: Known as Lando on Lando and Lexi, Alandra is the heart of the group! She cares deeply for the people around her. This care has led her to working as an Educational Assistant and being nice enough to humour her brother by joining in on a podcast.
  • Bryce: Fascinated by the way people think, Bryce is preparing to study psychology at university. His interest in people has led him inward as he works with Alex on The Old Goal of Truth, working on who he is as an individual through study, thought, and physical health.
We love ideas, stories, and people! Feel free to reach out! - Alex Williamns, MeCHo Radio

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