How To Get Sponsored

Optimize your sponsorship opportunities on Looking For Sponsor

Creating a post on Looking For Sponsor is a way to let companies and brands know that you're offering sponsorship marketing opportunities in exchange for payment. This page will give sponsorship creators tips on how to price their sponsorship opportunities and, more broadly, how to create opportunities that companies and brands will want to sponsor.

This support page focuses on the posting of custom sponsorship opportunities. If you're more interested in ready-made sponsorships, learn how you can find the best sponsorships on our platform.

What You Can Post

Some examples of sponsorship opportunities that can be posted on our site include:

  • An event sponsorship, where sponsors pay for booth space and marketing opportunities
  • A YouTuber sponsorship, where sponsors pay to have their product or service marketed to viewers on YouTube
  • An influencer sponsorship, where sponsors pay to have their product or service referenced on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter
  • A school club or sports team sponsorship, where sponsors pay to have their logo on marketing materials (e.g., t-shirts and banners)
  • A podcast sponsorship, where sponsors pay to have their product or service mentioned on a podcast

Opportunities on Looking For Sponsor often combine multiple sponsorship marketing channels. For instance, a social media influencer may offer to make sponsored posts on Instagram and may additionally mention sponsors on their podcast.

As long as your opportunity follows our code of conduct, you can probably post it on Looking For Sponsor without issue.

Posts created for the sole purpose of soliciting personal financial assistance with no benefit to sponsors will be removed. These posts do not align with the goal of our website, which is to connect people and organizations with companies looking for sponsorship marketing opportunities. If a user repeatedly creates such posts, their account may be disabled or deleted.

Sponsorship Opportunity Pricing

How much should you charge companies/brands to sponsor you? This is a tough question that many sponsorship creators ask themselves when posting on our site. Here are a couple things to think about when pricing your sponsorship opportunity:

You can create multiple sponsorship opportunities on our platform

If you don't know whether to charge $100 or $1,000, you could make three sponsorship opportunity posts, each with its own benefits and pricing. For example:

  • Sponsorship opportunity 1 - $100: Offers 1 post on Twitter and 1 post on Instagram, both of which thank the sponsor and link to their website and/or social media profile
  • Sponsorship opportunity 2 - $500: Offers 1 post on Twitter, 1 retweet of a sponsor's post, 1 post on Instagram, and the sponsor's logo will be added to your website
  • Sponsorship opportunity 3 - $1000: All of the benefits of sponsorship opportunities 1 and 2, plus a 30 second ad spot for the sponsor in your next YouTube video

Notice how each of the above sponsorship opportunities has its own price, with the more expensive options offering more benefits to sponsors.

Though optional, it's typical to label these sort of opportunities in tiers. In this example, sponsorship opportunity 1 would be a "Bronze" sponsorship, 2 would be "Silver", and 3 would be "Gold". By offering good, better, and best sponsorship options, you can increase your chances of attracting sponsors.

You can accept multiple sponsors per sponsorship post

If you're worried that you won't collect enough funds to support your work, remember that you can accept multiple sponsors for every sponsorship opportunity post. For instance, you can do the following to raise $1,000 dollars:

  • Create a sponsorship opportunity that charges $250 and get four companies/brands to sponsor you
  • Create a sponsorship opportunity that charges $500 and get two companies/brands to sponsor you
  • Create a sponsorship opportunity that charges $1,000 and get one company/brand to sponsor you

Sometimes, offering a lower-priced sponsorship opportunity that will attract multiple sponsors is a better strategy than offering a high-priced opportunity that most sponsors will not pay for.

You should account for the time and effort you put into the sponsorship opportunity

Make sure that you're offering your sponsorship opportunity at a price that is proportional to the amount of work needed from you.

Let's say you're offering sponsors a 30 second ad spot in your next YouTube video and it takes you 10 hours of work to create and edit the advertisement. If you charge companies $20 to sponsor you, then you're working for $2 per hour. If you charge $100, then you're working for $10 per hour.

You should price opportunities based on how much you think companies/brands are willing to pay

In the above example, we said that creating a 30 second ad spot would require 10 hours of work. If you charge companies/brands $1,000 per sponsorship, then that means you're making $100 per hour -- not too shabby!

But you need to remember that companies/brands will only sponsor you if they think the cost is reasonable for what you're offering.

The price that sponsors are willing to pay for a given sponsorship depends on these key factors:

  • Your reach: How many people will the sponsored content reach? Demonstrate this by including things like your total number of followers on Instagram, your average video views on YouTube, etc..
  • Your audience: Who are you reaching? If you host a podcast that focuses on fashion, fashion brands will be more likely to sponsor you because your listeners will be more receptive to their products.
  • Your brand: What does your brand represent? Companies are more likely to sponsor high-quality content that aligns with their values and beliefs.

Emphasize these key factors in each of your sponsorship opportunity posts to maximize the amount of money that companies/brands will pay to sponsor you. You can read more about creating good posts below.

Creating Good Sponsorship Opportunities

Think of your opportunity as a product that you're trying to sell to customers (where customers are companies and brands looking to sponsor you). Customers want a product that accomplishes their goals -- so what are the goals of your sponsors?

Companies are probably looking at sponsorship opportunities as part of a sponsorship marketing strategy. The goals of this strategy generally include:

  • Getting their product, service, and/or company in front of people
  • Creating brand awareness around their product, service, and/or company
  • Generating qualified leads (i.e., people who are likely to purchase their goods and services)

So you want to design your post to illustrate how companies can achieve these goals through sponsoring your opportunity. Here are a few tips to do that:

Describe the basics of your sponsorship opportunity

Always include basic information about the opportunity. That includes where/when the opportunity will occur (if applicable), how much sponsors need to contribute, and who they should contact.

Describe who your opportunity can reach

If applicable, answer the following questions in your opportunity post:

  • How many people have attended your events in the past and how many do you expect to attend at this particular event?
  • How many subscribers/fans/followers do your social media accounts have?
  • How many people are on your email list?
  • What are the demographics (age, gender, socioeconomic status, etc.) of the people you reach?

Providing this sort of data helps companies evaluate your sponsorship opportunity. It can also further legitimize your opportunity by making you look more knowledgeable about your "product".

Describe specific benefits

Generally, a sponsor expects a list of benefits that they will get for sponsoring your opportunity. These benefits include things like:

  • Email blast thanking them for their sponsorship
  • Booth space at an event
  • 30 second ad spot in a YouTube video
  • Post on social media, discussing their product/service

Remember that different sponsors will value different things. For instance, companies willing to sponsor events often want booth space and opportunities to directly address attendees, but these benefits are not as useful to brands that focus on digital sales.

You should talk with companies that sponsor your opportunities to find out what drew them to sponsoring you. You can then use this information to improve your future posts on Looking For Sponsor.

Tag your opportunity

When you're creating your opportunity, make sure to add relevant tags to the post. This will help sponsors discover your opportunity on our site.